Beer-butt Chicken

One reason I rarely go out to eat is because I like to cook and am actually kind of good at it.  I’ve even learned how to do a couple of things quite well — especially if it involves a grill.


And it just so happens that I have one!  My parents invited me to the homestead this weekend and when my mom, who also works as a prep-cook for one of the local chefs, told me what she wanted for dinner — well, I decided to arrive early.


Some people will fuss over which kind of charcoal to use and will swear by this brand or that brand and that you got to sprinkle this stuff on it, and, quite frankly, I prefer Kingsford simply because it burns evenly which helps me gauge the temperature.  So add charcoal.  I prefer using a chimney to start the coals.


To prepare this meal, I used an indirect method to charcoal.  That keeps the heat from being directly beneath the chicken.


My parents have gotten fancy with the way they do beer-butt chicken.  They actually use a stand that you set the beer can inside of and then slide the chicken over the top of the stand.  Really all you need is a can of beer — drink half of it — and shove it inside the chicken and use the beer can and the chicken’s legs to stand it on the grill.  Remember to marinade or season the chicken with your favorite rubs before-hand.  I used a can of Miller beer for the chicken and enjoyed an ice cold St Pauly Girl while cooking.


Add in your favorite sides, in this case corn on the cob and sweet taters, cover and let cook.


Remember to turn the corn and taters at regular intervals and in about an hour or so…


Beer-butt Chicken — the finest in redneck grilling!  Served with fresh corn on the cob from Illinois, cranberries from Wisconsin, sweet-taters from Carolina, potato biscuits from the grocer’s freezer and an ice cold Sprecher Root Beer, and I had a labor day meal fit for a workin’ man.

1 Response to “Beer-butt Chicken”

  1. September 4, 2008 at 6:44 pm

    Goooood chicken. I’ve tried it. The beer keeps the meat sweet and juicy. Yum!

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