When the Ice Cracks

Growing up in northern Wisconsin, I’m accustomed to winter.  The blustery snowstorms, freezing temperatures and the ice make for an interesting and challenging way of life.  One thing I look forward to happens about this time of year — the ice begins to break-up.  In my hometown I could hear it at night, the steady grinding as the Wisconsin River pushed against the ice.  The sound reminded me of snowplows scraping the snow from the roads as the river pushed the ice over, across and along the granite and sandstone shores.  Below are some pictures of the ice on Lake Kegonsa as spring forces the ice to give way.



During the day, cracks open in the ice and then freeze again at night.


Which pushes the ice onto the shore.  I could hear the ice popping and grinding while I took these pictures.


The ice is from one to two feet thick in these photos.



Slowly grinding away at the rocky shoreline.


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