Advice on Taking Eagle Pictures

3-6-2009 385

While reading another blog yesterday, I discovered some people really don’t understand wild animals.  So here’s an important thing to remember when trying to take pictures of wild animals.  This rule applies to predator animals like eagles.  Anything too large for them to eat is a threat.  When they feel threatened they will fly away.  As for eagles, when they see a man setting up a camera on a tripod near their nest, they will fly about a mile away, find a perch and watch you.  Their eyesight is that good — after-all they can spot a field mouse from hundreds of feet in the air.

 3-6-2009 385b 

Also, I completely understand wanting to take pictures of these magnificent creatures.  While I like the photos I’m getting, the quality still isn’t what I’m hoping for when I take these shots.  If I was closer the shots would be better.  If I was on the lighted side of the nest the quality would be better.  The problem is, I can’t get closer or to the other side of the nest without scaring the eagles away, so I have to settle for these shots.

3-6-2009 385a

Some day, with a little luck and more advice on how to take these shots, I’ll get the picture that I’m hoping for, and, if your reading this and seething with anger at my unsolicited advice, hopefully so will you.  But in order to get shots of eagles, you can’t let them see you, because if they do, they will fly away.


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