Deer Attack Wolves

I saw this story in the outdoor section of the Wisconsin State Journal and thought I would share it.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, Wisconsin has abundant wildlife.  With a deer population of around one and a half million and a growing wolf population of 500 to 600, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, the odds of seeing interaction between them, while still rare, are growing.  The following story appeared in local newspapers throughout the state and is an account of one such interaction between deer and wolves.


Pat Durkin column: Deer attack on wolf stops logger in his tracks


Whether he’s wielding a chain saw in a cedar swamp or piloting an airplane above towering pines, Jim Hintz of Fifield is seldom surprised by wildlife he sees in Wisconsin’s Northwoods.

This career logger routinely shares lunch with gray jays and chickadees. He also must sometimes nudge and work around winter-stressed deer eating treetops he’s felled.

And earlier this winter, he saw a moose wander by as he verified a property line with his GPS unit. In turn, two timber wolves once watched him operate his bulldozer from 10 yards away as they rested in cool dirt Hintz graded on a summer afternoon.

But Hintz, 66, barely believed his eyes on Feb. 20 when several adult deer stopped eating maple buds and charged two wolves that appeared on a knoll 60 yards away.

“The smaller wolf didn’t wait. It ran away,” Hintz said. “The big one stayed and those deer just overhauled him. First, they stood on their hind legs and batted him with their front hooves, and then some of them turned and kicked like mules with their back hooves. I’m sure they broke his ribs. He was whimpering and yelping. He got kicked from all sides. When he finally got out of there, he was limping really bad and dragging a leg. I actually felt sorry for him.

For the rest of the story follow this link:  http://www.greenbaypressgazette.com/article/20090312/GPG0702/903120566


1 Response to “Deer Attack Wolves”

  1. March 14, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    What an amazing story. There goes our assumptions about wolves. Thanks for sharing this unique nature tale.

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