White-tailed Deer: Size Difference

A photo of White-tailed Deer I’ve hoped to get, which continues to elude me, would be one that clearly shows the size difference between an adult doe and buck.


My constant readers have probably gotten used to seeing this female.  In these photos I nearly got the picture I wanted.


While following this deer run, which seemed like an interstate highway system because a number of runs converged into one main path, I noticed several deer moving around.  More than I am used to seeing with this herd — about ten to twelve deer. 


While trying to grab some images — most of which turned out blurry and useless — this female stopped to let me take her picture.  She always lags behind, and whenever the deer move she waits and lets them all pass her and then takes her place at the back of the herd.  In the above picture one of the males is passing behind her.  While the image of him is blurry, you can see that his chest and belly is about the same height from the ground as hers, but his back is higher.

1 Response to “White-tailed Deer: Size Difference”

  1. April 28, 2012 at 10:09 am

    Great photo of the deer’s head. The look deer give when they notice you are watching them is always interesting.

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