Another Lesson Learned


I get impatient during the weekend and don’t wait for the light.  I missed some shots of the Northern Flicker Thursday afternoon because the light wasn’t right.  Outdoor lighting is best as the sun sets.  So Friday evening I went back to the park to take pictures of the Flicker.  Now, here’s the lesson I learned.  Usually, as soon as I hang my camera around my neck, I point it into the woods and take a shot.  By doing this I am reminded to adjust the manual settings to at least a ball park light level.  I didn’t do that Thursday because I had intended specifically to take pictures of the Northern Flickers.  Flickers like large trees on the edge of savannah-like grasslands.  Oddly enough, so do White-tailed Deer.  When I reached the area where the Flickers live, I noticed Big Boy standing at the edge of the forest.  I also noticed a girl hiking up the path and knew that as soon as Big Boy saw her he would run.  I decided to get a quick shot of Big Boy, regardless of light settings.  The aperture was set at 8 and the shutter speed was 160 for ISO 100.  The result was an underexposed shot that I brought out a little with the computer software.  In other words, a missed shot.  I signaled the girl to stop for a minute so I could get more shots, adjusted my camera and got a real nice shot of Big Boy’s rear end disappearing into the woods.  The girl thanked me because she hadn’t seen him, stating, “There so pretty.”  I smiled and replied, knowing I had missed.  Here’s the original shot.



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