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White-tailed Deer: Communication

In all likelihood this post could be considered being too close to the trees, not so much in that a bigger picture can’t be seen, but seeing too much in a smaller picture.  White-tailed deer communicate.  I know it’s true because I’ve seen them stomp their feet, bob their heads, and of course use their tail.  Last weekend, while experimenting and practicing, I had been taking photos of a group of deer relaxing on top of a ridge when a second group of deer ran through them to get away from something that had scared them.


One of the deer running through was this familiar female.  I’ve taken so many pictures of her, my friends have given her the name Abbe.  She has a fawn from last year and travels with a second deer who runs interference for them.  When Whitetails run, they run scared, almost in a blind panic.  Some of them, especially the younger ones, don’t even realize what they’re running from or where they’re running.  The fawn popped through the brush and headed straight toward me, and when it realized I was there it turned back toward where it had been running from. 


When it remembered it had been running away from something back in that direction, it turned toward the second doe and with a glance she directed it where to run.


These two then ran through the brush, eventually followed by the mother.  The second deer had merely looked where the other deer had run and the little one immediately took that trail.  It seems to me that some sort of communication took place that the younger deer understood, which makes me wonder if deer have some form of rudimentary communication.


With that said, I know I can get close enough to the deer to get pictures of them and because of their instinctive reaction to a threat, mainly going into a hold position, they sort of pose for the camera, which gives me nice photos of deer standing.  Always wanting to experiment, I’m going to be working on getting a better shot than the one above of deer running, or better still, leaping.  If I have any luck with that, you’ll be the first to know.

March 2010

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