Whitetail Deer: Last Year’s Fawn

With some snow still left on the ground the deer can be easily found.  However, sometimes they make it too easy, especially when they feed on some pine trees right at the park’s entrance.


With the mother watching from what she believes to be a safe place, because she has gotten behind some thorny thickets, creating a thorny wall between her and I, her fawn from last year had been enjoying the sunshine.  I only got one shot of him while stomping around in the grass, because – this is so funny – ha ha – see I’m laughing – honest – because I hadn’t cleared the old pictures from my memory card.  So for about five agonizing minutes I watched the deer look on in confusion while my camera slowly erased the photos on a spare card.


The youngster had fled to a similar safe place.  I’ve seen this young deer on several occasions.  I believe it is a buck, because it acts like a buck.  The fawns stay close to their mother the first year, so I have lots of pictures of him and his mother, but when he gets by himself like this, he acts like a buck.  In the photo above he had placed his head into some low branches and was twisting it around the same way a buck will do when it sharpens its antlers.


I won’t know for sure until late spring, early summer when they begin to grow antlers.  In this photo he isn’t looking at his mother, who tells them what to do for the first year of their lives.  He’s looking toward his father, who has placed some distance between himself and I. 


They get panicky when a human is around, especially the does.  Here he stares at me, tail down and doesn’t run away.  Not until his mother told him too.  There are somewhere between ten to twenty Whitetail Deer in this park and if I’m correct, there are now three bucks in the herd. 

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will be conducting a series of meetings this week and next about the DNR’s count of the size of Wisconsin’s deer herd.  This is a political hot button topic ‘round these parts because hunters believe, mostly because of last year’s low deer kill during hunting season, that the herd is much smaller than being reported and that the DNR is mismanaging the herd.  I won’t be able to attend any of the meetings because I have to work, but I will be following the story in the newspapers.


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  1. 2 Randy Roberts
    March 8, 2010 at 2:28 pm

    Thank you.

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