It’s Raining!

With spring-like conditions taking over, what would have been snow has now turned to rain.  Rainy and foggy conditions should prevail for the next week or so, which will make it difficult to go out and get pictures.  Not that I’m complaining, weather in Wisconsin is part of the totality of living here.  Also, at this point during winter, it was nice driving home in the rain this morning because I wasn’t having to plow my way through a half a foot of snow.

The Whitetails will be glad to see the snow gone.  I wonder if they understand that it means their will soon be lots of food.  The day before I took these photos, I saw a deer standing on its hind legs gnawing on the lowest limb of a pine tree.  When they resort to eating pine needles, they are very hungry.  Anyway, by the time I locked focus on the deer, it had spotted me and run off.


Father and son.


Mother and son. 

These will probably be some of the last snow pictures for the year, especially with rain predicted for the next few days.  I doubt I’ll take my camera out.  It ain’t waterproof and unlike the pros, it’s the only one I got.

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