White-tailed Deer: Vigilance

I spent about half an hour to forty-five minutes photographing four whitetail does on Friday.  Having gone through the photos, selecting the ones I like from the ones I don’t like, I’ve settled on this shot as one I like.  Usually when I find the does in a small group like this they runoff.  When they don’t, I’ve learned that the buck is near.  Problem with that theory is, I know the buck is on the other side of the park.  So I don’t know why these does didn’t runoff when I first found them. 


One of the deer had even laid down while I took these photos.  Here the lead female has turned away from me.  They’ve begun shedding their winter coats and the reddish-brown summer color has begun to show through.


She cautiously makes her way a few feet at a time deeper into the woods.  She doesn’t even turn her head to look back at me, and she knows I’m there because a few minutes before this shot she had been staring at me.


See the other deer laying down behind her.  She had laid down after I had walked up on them.  Instead of following them deeper into the woods, I decided I had pestered them enough and began walking out.  I looked back every so often to see how they reacted.  Eventually, all but the lead doe found a place to lay down, while she stayed vigilant.

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