A Pleasant Spring

To those of you who have been regulars to this blog during its many re-creations, you know that Spring is my least favorite season.  The weather can be very fickle; rainy one day, bright and sunny the next and snowing the next.  This Spring has been different, with the weather being…well…summed up in one word – pleasant.


So pleasant that yesterday, while taking pictures, I barely looked for deer which is my overriding preoccupation when I’m hiking.  Instead, I just took in the scenery unfolding as green takes over.


While I photographed, other people moved around the park.  A couple jogged, and, according to the woman, “Getting ready for Summer.”  I understand.  With Spring’s fresh pleasant weather I’ve been more active also, and can feel the muscles tightening with every step I take.


Later as I hiked along the edge of one of the large fields in the park, I could hear them approaching again.  They asked me about those large birds in the field and I answered they were Sandhill Cranes.  They continued on, chatting about their day, while I wondered how aware they were to the beauty around them.


I had just taken some shots of an Osprey gliding overhead, when I noticed a Bald Eagle flying across the park in the distance behind me.  I know it isn’t a very good shot – the bird was just too far away.  But we just don’t see them in this part of Wisconsin that often.  It’s late in the year for it to be migrating, so I’m hoping it is a permanent resident.


Toward the end of my hike a pair of Sandhill Cranes flew over.

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