The Disadvantages of Weekend Photography

Or maybe a better title would be three steps forward…two steps back.

The weather turned this weekend into something less than cooperative.  Rainy and cloudy, I sat here cursing my working-class existence, while going over the photos I took on Thursday. 

Every time I shoot I learn something.  This weekend I learned to make sure the lens is firmly attached to the camera.  I missed out on several shots because of that error. 

Also, I seemed to have forgotten what I learned the weekend before, when I got some really nice photos.  I got those photos because I changed the ISO setting on my camera.  I usually try to shoot in ISO 100, but last weekend as the light faded I had the presence of mind to switch to ISO 200 while shooting the deer in dusk’s lowering light.  This weekend I forgot that little trick and got lots of blurry deer shots.

Both of these inconsistencies can be attributed to not shooting as often as I should.  Last weekend I spent three days shooting photos and ended up getting some nice shots.  This weekend I shot only on Thursday and made the kind of mistakes made when not practicing something often enough.

I did manage to get some nice shots of an American Robin.


While the deer had gathered into one place – probably because the park personnel are busily preparing the park for the beginning of tourist season – the birds seemed strangely absent.  I didn’t see any Hawks, Falcons or Osprey.  Some of the smaller birds – Sparrows and Bluebirds – could be seen and there was that Owl which kept hooting during midday though I couldn’t find it.  Maybe there was just too much movement in the park for these critters?  If that’s the case, then I’ll have to adapt a new strategy to compensate for the tourists who will far outnumber the park personnel on weekends.

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