Spring proved the last few weeks why, as some of you already know, it is my least favorite season.  Rainy and cold.  Between the weather and my employer, I haven’t been able to get out on a day off to go hiking or shoot photographs.  Until today.

The tourists are back.  Only a trickle compared to what there will be in a few weeks, but enough to stir up the parks.  So I get to see a lot of deer running, like the photo below.  A boy, probably in his mid to late teens, had been beating through the brush, collecting butterflies or insects or something, which meant he chased the deer out of where they hide.  I had tracked some and could see where they were going, so I headed to a spot in the park that acts like a funnel where I can get deer shots.  When I got to a place where I could see the funnel, I could see other people, which meant the deer would have turned back around.  That meant they had turned back into the insect gatherer.


This doe popped out of the woods in front of a group of tourists and had run about a hundred feet before they even noticed.  I watched it run across two fields and head toward one of their known hideouts. 

IMG_4835a I decided to head over there, and took a few bird shots along the way. 


This swallow sat on top of a bird box.  It let me walk up on it, getting to within about eight feet before it flew away.  The photo below shows how close it let me get.


I’ve been able to do this with swallows before.  Very territorial birds, they will swoop at anything they feel is a threat to them.  It apparently didn’t feel threatened by me.  Unlike the bird below. 

I’ve been seeing them off and on while hiking.  Seeing them in February, I thought they must be migrating.  Seeing them in March, I thought, Kind of late for them to be migrating.  Seeing them in April, I became convinced they must be living here.  Now I have no doubt that we have Eagles living in the area.  Don’t tell anyone at the Dane County Regional Airport.  They don’t like birds.

IMG_4882a It flew over the top of some trees headed right toward me, until it saw me on the trail below and then it veered off.  I managed to snap four shots before it disappeared.


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