White-tailed Doe: Harassed by a Bird

Last year I learned about the movement habits of White-tailed Deer by following their trails or runs.  Deer will travel the same runs in order to pack down the trail so they can move quickly through an area during the snow covered conditions of winter or the muddy conditions of spring.  While I followed their trails I would watch the ground for signs of fresh footprints and other deer signs that might suggest a deer had been through recently.  That’s when I noticed a very small bird’s nest with very tiny bird’s eggs in it right on the deer run.  I nearly stepped on it and wondered how many I had stepped on.  This year, while the nesting season continues, I’m sticking to the man trails so as to not destroy any of those nests.


Yesterday, while I took photos of this doe, I noticed a small bird flittering around in the bushes near her.  You can see the bird’s tail on the right side of the picture above.


See the blurry blob just above the deer’s tail.  That’s the same little bird which has flown from it’s perch to poke the deer. 


The bird landed in the tree to the left of the deer.  It would make several passes at the deer, but, before I realized what was happening, the deer decided to move on.

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