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White-tailed Deer: Fawn

Now that we have the patriotism (propaganda) part taken care of, here’s a picture that I rarely get.  Walking along the grassy trails gives me an advantage.  The deer don’t always here me.  This fawn had curled up in the tall grass about ten feet off the trail.


At the time I took this picture the fawn would probably be less than two weeks old.  It had laid down in an area where I always see deer sign, but rarely see deer.  They move through here but don’t stop because there just isn’t enough cover for them.  Something this fawn learned last Saturday morning.



Flag Day

Today, in the USA, is Flag Day.  A day set aside to honor the flag.


IMG_6026a Here’s John Klatt flying the Air National Guard plane at last year’s Airventure Show in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.

IMG_6035a IMG_6180a


Whitetail Deer: Last Year – This Year

Several of the deer at Lake Kegonsa State Park have gotten used to me taking pictures of them.  Last year this doe approached to within ten feet of me and had I been more patient she would have gotten closer.


This year, while she still remains unafraid, she has remained aloof.  I can tell she’s unafraid because her tail remains down while I take pictures of her.  But she keeps her distance and even seems suspicious of my intentions.


And I know why.  Take a close look at the picture below.


She has been nursing, which means her fawn or fawns lay hidden somewhere near.  She stayed near, allowing me to take photos of her, but when a man walking a dog appeared she alerted and bolted.

IMG_5913a I still haven’t seen her fawn or fawns, but she hasn’t panicked with my presence either, so maybe sometime this summer she’ll show them.


Canadian Geese: Public Enemy Number One

Another Goose kill has been given the go-ahead.  This time in Delevan, Wisconsin.  I guess people don’t thrill at the sight of wild animals like I. 


While I watched this formation of Geese headed toward the lake where I patiently waited for the Eagle, I remembered how the city of Madison changed its mind about killing the Geese in Warner Park.


The local airport wanted the Geese in Warner Park destroyed because they might cause a plane to crash.  The city decided not to destroy the Geese, but more hearings will follow.


The town of Delavan has scheduled a Goose kill also, but not because of the possibility of Geese causing a plane crash.  These Geese are guilty of something more insidious than the potential crashing of an airplane.  Their guilty of crapping on their precious cars.  As far as Delavan is concerned, I think a picture is worth a thousand words.



Bald Eagles: A Little Closer

Learning from the people who post on the internet helps me decide if what I’m doing is ethical, or even safe.  I wouldn’t want to be the cause of one of these animals being harmed.  The fascination with the Eagles stems from growing up knowing they had nearly passed from existence because of human greed and stupidity.  So when I take pictures of these two Eagles (I know where they live) I try to minimize my contact with them so as to not cause them any undue stress.  While I could stay there for hours and observe their behavior, I try to keep it to less than fifteen to twenty minutes when I’m there.  Yet, even in that fifteen to twenty minutes they still give me an intimate glimpse into their world.


The Eagle on the left began to stir, so I thought she was about to take off.  Oh well, I had a few pictures so I prepared to watch them fly away.


But they weren’t going to fly away.



Stop and Smell the Flowers

Old advice about taking time for the things we enjoy.  I’ve noticed that many photo-bloggers enjoy posting photos of flowers.  I think that’s important because even the deer know…


It’s important to stop and…um…


eat the the flowers.


Chew your food deer.


Presence of Mind – Again.

Last month I wrote about some very bad photos I took because I didn’t have the presence of mind to adjust the length of my 100x400mm lens.  I nearly ended up with a second post that would lament the same mistake.  Nearly.


Above is not a photo of a hazy blue evening sky, but a picture of a Bald Eagle.  I had parked myself in a cattail marsh on the edge of a lake.  The Eagle’s nest is behind me on my left, and the sun is setting over to my right.  If the Eagle flies off its nest, I should have good light and be able to get a decent shot.

I sat there for over an hour and waited.  And waited.  And then began taking pictures of some dragonflies that seemed to be everywhere.  That meant setting my camera up a little differently to take photos close in.  Less than five feet.  While I played with the dragonflies the above Bald Eagle flew out from the trees.  Cursing my stupidity the best shot I got wasn’t until the bird had flown half way across the lake.

I reset the camera, adjusted the f-stop, reset the way it focuses and then I remembered the post I wrote last month.  I took hold of the lens and pulled it back to 300mm and waited.  The mistake I had made last month involved taking shots of large birds who were very close with the lens set at 400mm.  I ended up chopping off their wings, tails and heads.  In the pictures that is.

With my camera reset I waited, silently hoping the Eagle would return and I would get another chance.


About fifteen minutes later it flew out from the tree-line again. 

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