The Protest continues

In case you’re completely out of touch, Wisconsin Unionists continue to protest Governor Walker’s so-called Budget Repair Bill.  Essentially, Walker claims he can’t balance the budget unless pubic unions give up their collective bargaining rights.  Walker claims this is because the state is facing a budget shortfall of roughly 130 million.  A budget shortfall that did not exist until Walker and the Republicans gave 190 million in corporate tax breaks during his first days in office.

The lie simply put is that this is a budget crisis.  It is not.  This is simply a moustache-twirling conspiracy to destroy unions by Governor Walker, the Republican Party and vested billionaire interests, such as the Koch brothers — California oil billionaires. 

What do the Koch bothers have to gain here in Wisconsin? 

Inside the bill is legislation that makes it possible for the governor to sell Wisconsin’s Public Utilities.  After all energy issues and who controls and profits from that energy are important these days.  The governor would be able to sell the Public Utilities at an undisclosed time, for an undisclosed price without making the sale public.

Calling this a budget crisis is a lie.  This bill is an attempt to destroy unions, steal the Public Utilities and line the pockets of filthy rich billionaires, all to the detriment of Wisconsin’s working and middle classes.

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