What’s For Dinner

I learned to cook over an open fire while away at scout camp and when I went camping with my parents I was allowed to cook over the fire also.  I learned to make breakfast that way.  Nothing fancy, just eggs, bacon, sausage or pancakes.  During my recent trip breakfast consisted of either pancakes and sausage, or French toast and sausage.  I rarely take the time to prepare lunch so whatever snack stuff I had around tided me over until dinner.

I had basically planned out my dinners for the ten day trip.  Hotdogs the first night.  Brats the next, and after that there would be a New York Strip, a T-Bone, a Fillet Mignon, chicken, more brats and hotdogs.  I took pictures of the brat preparation to illustrate the types of food I eat when I camp.

I cut and prepared the veggies first.  Inside one pouch are potatoes and carrots and in the other onions.


In a medium kettle on the cook-stove I started the brats by boiling them first in beer and water.  You can add onion and garlic or whatever seasoning you like to this part of the process.  The brats are Sheboygan Brats that I get from Ken’s Meat Market in Monona, Wisconsin.


While the brats simmer the two pouches cooked on the small grill that I take with.  After letting those cook for about twenty minutes, turning them a few times, the pouches take their place on the second rack of the grill to make room for the brats.


Add the brats.  Close the lid and let cook.


After turning the brats and making sure they browned nicely, it was time to serve.


To get an idea of what I ate the rest of the week, insert one of the steaks, or chicken with basically the same side dishes.


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