Young Bull Elk

Every now and then someone will link to my blog to settle an argument or to prove a point.  WordPress dutifully alerts me to the link and then I get to read all about it.  Americans love to fuss and fight  — I don’t claim to understand it or know how to stop it and don’t really care if it ever does stop, but sometimes the argument just becomes too tempting not to listen to.  You know, like when your out to dinner quietly having a meal and you begin to realize the couple a few tables over have begun to argue.  They begin quietly and try to pretend they’re civil beings and sometimes the argument will escalate into something so appalling and funny – because it isn’t you stuck in a completely irrational argument – that you’re drawn in to discover what the fuss is about.  Here’s a link to a conversation on a message board that led back to my blog.  tm.asp-m=5663702&appid&p=1&mpage=1&key&language&tmode=1&smode=1&s  Glad I could assist.  Below is a picture of a young bull elk, which has absolutely nothing to do with the above link or this story for that matter.


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September 2011

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