Search Engines

I always look through the various search engine terms that bring people to my blog.  Learning what brings people here helps me determine where to go next.  I have many airplane photos because I enjoy airshows.  I have lots of wildlife pictures because I enjoy hiking, which almost always leads to some kind of encounter with wild animals.  A search engine term that caught my attention today was, “Where the deer lives.”  I’m not sure which deer this person was looking for, there are millions of them in millions of places all over the world, but because I have lots of photos of whitetail deer, there search led them here.  The search for where the deer live, led me to an important conclusion about the kind of photography I do.  It is important to know where the animals live.  Since whitetail deer never sleep in the same place, that makes it a little difficult to find them, but because most whitetail deer spend their entire life within a mile or two of where they are born, knowing the general area will lead you to find the same deer.

This leads me to thinking about this weekend and what I’m going to shoot.  The last couple of weekends have been rainy and overcast and the light was about as inspiring as today’s election.  Oh yeah, we voted today in Wisconsin.  A primary election where we decide which candidates we want to appear on the ballot for the general election.  The only thing I liked about today’s ballot was the non-binding referendum question.  I don’t remember the exact question but it went something like this, “Should Wisconsin workers have the right to collective bargaining?”  Our governor, Governor Walker, doesn’t think Wisconsin workers should.  The Unions disagree.  An issue that has caused some turbulence here in Wisconsin, which led to protests where thousands of people descended on the state capital, and a recall petition being circulated to try to force Governor Walker out of office.  I believe the recall process starts in May.

Now back to where I was going to shoot this weekend.  Like I said, if you know where a particular animal lives then it increases the probability of getting shots.  If, say, you know where a fox den is, then you probably can get photos of a fox, or even their kits.  That gives you an advantage over other photographers because you get a glimpse into a world most don’t get to see.  Which leads me to why I’m excited about where I’m going to shoot this weekend, especially since it looks like the weather will cooperate.


You’ll have to excuse this less than perfect picture.  I really screwed up the lighting the last time I tried for eagle pictures.  I know the location of about ten nests in this area of Wisconsin and intend on photographing eagles this weekend.


1 Response to “Search Engines”

  1. April 3, 2012 at 7:46 pm

    I look forward to it too!

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