Grrrrrrrrrrrr, Insanity

So today, boys and girls, we’ll begin with a simple definition.  Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.  It’s a simple definition and one I believe.

I went to the lake today – the one in town.  There are fourteen thousand lakes in Wisconsin, so just about every town is near some lake.  The lake in town is not far from the house, so I wouldn’t use much gas getting there and still have a chance to shoot wild birds.  I shot geese, sandhill cranes, red-winged blackbirds, robins, seagulls, a hawk, countless ducks, swallows and even eagles.  Four hundred and ten shots.

How many of them turned out?

Not one.

“Are you kidding me?”  I asked, as I went through the shots in clueless bewilderment at having gotten down on my belly and crawled through a marsh to get some really close pics of some geese who were squabbling over the logs they rested on, only to have the shots be total crap.

So I ask myself, Self, what went wrong?  What mistake did you make this time?

The truthful answer is, I don’t know.  Usually, if I take that many shots at least one turns out well, especially considering how close I was to those geese.  What I did differently today, was something I did the same before.  I used a polarizer.   A filter used to polarize light and cut down on the harsh glare of afternoon light.  It’s a screw-on filter from Tiffen.  I’ve used it before, including the way I used it today.  I stacked my filters today, attaching the polarizer to my UV filter and then attaching that to the lens.  I always use a UV filter, not because I understand what it does to the light, but because it helps protect the camera lens.  Anything harmful from the outdoors will get stuck to the UV filter instead of on my lens, that way if anything gets scratched it will be the much less expensive filter and not my lens.  That’s the smart part.

Now for the dumb part.  If you’ve ever used these types of screw-on filters, you know that the polarizer spins, so you can adjust it to the particular glare.  I forgot the spinning part, which is why the shots didn’t turn out, but that isn’t the dumb part either.

The dumb part is putting the two filters together.  They screw together and because the polarizer spins it makes it difficult to unscrew the polarizer from the lens or in this case the UV filter.  So now the damn thing is stuck to my UV filter and I can’t get them apart, which is exactly what happened the last time I used the polarizer and I can’t remember how I got them apart then.  Which means tomorrow when I go out to shoot I’ll either have to try my luck with the filter combination again, or go without the filters and risk exposing my precious lens to every branch and flying thing in the wilderness hell bent on scratching my lens.

And there you have it, something I tried before that I tried again and got similar results, bad shots and the two filters stuck together.


2 Responses to “Grrrrrrrrrrrr, Insanity”

  1. 2 Randy Roberts
    April 13, 2012 at 12:29 am

    Yeah, kinda mad at myself right now.

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