I Found a Spot

One of the locales I frequent has the potential to yield some pretty good photographic opportunities, which in turn provides me with the opportunity to work on my technique.  I’d looked over the spot I tried yesterday late afternoon many times before and had deemed it too exposed to yield any good shots.  But I kept looking at that spot thinking to myself it has a good vantage point and some cover.

I’ve learned several things about nature photography in the past five or six years.  If you can convince an animal you are not a threat they will let you walk right up to them.  Fortunately, I’m drawn to shooting deer and big birds like eagles and cranes and not something that could eat me like bears.  Another thing I’ve learned is, if you can convince the animal that the human trying to take their picture isn’t a human they will walk right passed or fly right passed you, which usually means carrying with you some kind of blind or using the natural cover to create a blind.  This spot has natural cover which hides my human silhouette and provides me with about a hundred and fifty degrees of open shots, which just happens to cover the fly way in and out of an eagle’s nest.

It provided me with enough cover last night that a pair of Sandhill Cranes flew right passed me.  Something they will not do if they know a human is in a particular spot.


Now I just have to work on my technique.  The images are blurred because I‘m used to shooting deer, not fast moving birds.  Deer tend to be in thick cover that is often covered with shadows, so using a low ISO of 100 to 200 and an f stop of 5.6 will usually yield good shots.  Not so with birds.  The setup for this shot was a 300mm lens with a 1.4 extender giving me a 420 mm lens.  The ISO set at 160 and the f stop at 5.6 gave me a good shot, but I believe a higher ISO setting would have yielded a better photo.


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