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Rubbing the Badger’s Nose

I went to the Capitol on Friday.  I’m not very adept at city life.  Cities are smelly and noisy and filled with hustling bustling people who all seem to want to go through the same spot at the same time.  Everyone wants to be heard and no one listens.  I hadn’t been there half an hour and I already had a headache.  But I had my camera and when I got inside the capitol building the din and smell of the city subsided somewhat, so I began taking pictures.

Before you get too high an expectation about these photos understand that I have zero experience with indoor shooting and I have to admit, my lack of experience with this kind of photography has given me a newfound respect for those of you who can do indoor photography.

Wisconsin’s capitol building has a central rotunda with four wings.  In each wing of the building is one aspect of the government.  One wing has the Wisconsin Governor’s office, one wing has the Wisconsin State Assembly, one has the Wisconsin State Senate, and the fourth wing contains the Wisconsin State Supreme Court.

Now, a long time ago I had a conversation with a woman I had a huge crush on.  She lived in the building where my dad operated a business and she had this huge Sheepdog.  You know the kind with the long white and gray fur.  A really sweet dog.  The dog’s name was Motley, if I remember right.  Her dog wandered through an open door and into my dad’s shop.  She walked in behind apologizing for her dog and she said something to me that stuck,  “He’s funny like that, whenever he sees an open door he just walks through.”

I’ve been like that ever since.  Whenever I see an open door and it looks like something interesting, I just walk through it whether I’m invited or not.  That’s how I was last Friday as I wandered around inside the capitol building.  I saw an open door, I went through it and took pictures.


Inside one of the legislative chambers.


Off of this chamber is another meeting room that I always seem to end up in, because when the congressman aren’t around the door is always open.


Mostly because it has a picture of this Wisconsin native.  Some of you may have heard of him.


Now you might be asking, so you endured a headache brought on because of the smells and noise of the city to take a picture of Admiral Leahy?  Or was it to take pictures of the Capitol?  The answer would be neither.  It takes something extraordinary to get me to willingly and of free mind to travel into a city.


Something like say, some dear friends of mine getting married.


Outside the governor’s office is a statue of a Badger.  Rubbing the Badger’s nose is said to bring good luck to newlyweds.  Congratulations Jason and Kathy!

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