Buck in Tall Grass

When you look at how tall the grass is, which nearly obscures this full grown buck from sight, you can appreciate the difficulty in trying to find something the size of a Chihuahua.


It’s a hunter’s dream to find a buck like this during the Fall hunting season.  He grows a big basket like ten point rack and I would guess weighs in at about two hundred pounds.  He’s so focused on where he is going, he hasn’t even noticed me taking pictures of him.


All of his primary senses have locked onto what he is looking at.  His ears, eyes and nose all pointed at the same thing.  He’s always been curious about other things in the park, whether it be other animals or people.  This time of year the bucks separate from the does because the females are having their fawns.  Sometimes younger yearling bucks, separated from the mothers for the first time, will team up with their fathers, but this only lasts until the Fall breeding season when their fathers will drive them off.


Whether you’re a hunter or a Whitetail enthusiast such as me, you’ll recognize this as the hold position.  Having detected something directly in front of him he has gone into the hold position, which is to remain motionless while trying to process what he is seeing.  Like I said yesterday, he has a scar on the right side of his nose, which I had attributed to a possible fight with another buck.  That explanation never sat well with me because the scar first appeared at this time of year when the deer are still in velvet.  Whitetails lose their antlers during Winter and regrow them during Summer.  When the antlers regrow they are mostly cartilage much like your nose and incapable of causing that kind of scarring.  But like I said, he’s always been curious and I now believe his curiosity may have contributed to the scar.

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