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Find New Roads

Chevrolet’s newest media advertising attempts to sell their product by encouraging Chevrolet drivers to “Find New Roads.”  The only problem I have with that is east of the Mississippi there are no new roads, because I’ve been there, but west of the Mississippi would be a different story.  I haven’t been there.  Why am I bringing this up now, especially considering how little I’ve been posting this past year?  Well, as one of my readers expressed concerns for my health, I’ve been having a great deal of problems with my left knee.  By the end of the workweek, I would be in so much pain not even Vicodin could knock the pain out.  Not very conducive to hiking.

What has this got to do with Chevrolet?

Well last week I traded my faithful Saturn Vue in on a new Chevrolet Silverado, and before any of you Ford or Dodge guys chime in, I’m not going to get into a hissing contest with you guys.  I have a twenty-three year old Silverado in my garage and I wanted another.  End of story.  So save your comments, I’ll just delete them anyway.

What has this got to do with hiking and knee pain?  Good question!

My Saturn had a dual purpose.  First was, economically, to get from point A to point B.  Basically from home to work and at twenty-nine miles to the gallon it served me well during the ten years I drove it.  The other purpose was that it could carry enough gear so I could go camping, and in that it had an additional bonus because I could use it like a chuck wagon.  I‘d leave my coolers in the back and just shut the doors at night keeping the scavengers out of my food.

When I was considering trading in my Saturn, I had joked with my boss, “Wouldn’t it be funny if getting rid of the Saturn helped my knee get better?”

Now, you might be asking how getting rid of a car could help my knee?  One of the reasons the Saturn got such good gas mileage was because it had a manual transmission.  A five speed overdrive transmission to be exact, which meant pumping a clutch in and out every time I shifted gears.  More importantly pumping a clutch in and out with my left leg.  The same left leg that is attached to my left knee.  The left knee which has been giving me problems since last October.

I have had my new truck for a week now.  It has an automatic transmission.  A six speed overdrive transmission that shifts itself.  No pumping a clutch.  This is the first week since last October that my workweek ended without me cursing my inability to sleep because of the somewhat hellish pain in my left knee.  Today was also the first time I’ve gone hiking since last Summer.  I went out this morning for about an hour, including driving time and time to stop to take photographs.  I only hiked for a little over a mile.  I didn’t want to push things too hard my first time out, but right now my knee doesn’t hurt and I have a fresh batch of photos to share.

So here’s to Finding New Roads.  I’ve already run through my mind an epic trip out west.  Now if only I had a whole mess of money and didn’t have to work.


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