Find New Places

It would be all well and good to find new roads as Chevrolet challenges.  My preference, however, would be to find new places.  Seriously, what good is it to find new roads if you haven’t found a new place to stay and to explore?

Finding new places has drawbacks though.  I’m not one for staying in hotels.  I’ve been an avid camper my whole life and somewhat of a purist at that.  I’ve always camped in tents and made fun of people with their motor homes and campers, because, “That isn’t really camping.”

I’m older now and packing and unpacking the car or truck and setting up and tearing down has kind of lost its thrill.  So this year I made the leap and bought a small camper.  What I bought was the best camper I could get for the price.  I bought a Salem Cruise Lite by Forest River.


I bought this camper from Quietwoods Rv near Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin.  I’ve spent the last two weekends running back and forth between here and there.


It has all the neat little amenities that make a camper worthwhile.  Two burner stove, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, heater, hot water heater, shower and toilet.


While I used to drive truck professionally, it has been many years since I drove anything with a trailer attached.  The first hundred miles were somewhat nerve racking, especially when I had to cross that bridge on Interstate 43 north of Green Bay.


I still have many things to do to this unit to make it comfortable enough for the long haul, but for you loyal viewers of The Trail here’s the deal.  I’m headed west.  If I have this thing fixed up the way I want, you should be able to go along by continuing to follow The Trail.


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