Hiking Canyonlands

Canyonlands National Park is desert, so great care must be taken when choosing to hike here, especially now that the weather has turned hot.  Yep, it gets hot in the desert.  The Needles features many miles of hiking trails, too numerous for me to hike in a five day stay.  They range in length of a few hundred yards (meters) to as many miles (kilometers) as you can combine.  I am not a desert hiker and I know better than to disrespect nature, so I chose my day hikes carefully.


No matter, parking the truck and hiking into the desert is one of the things I have chosen to do.  My first hike involved a moderate trail called Slickrock.  I wanted to hike Slickrock as soon as I read it offered the best opportunity to see bighorn sheep.  I’ve already had one of my fans complain about me being in the desert because there is no wildlife to view.  Well there is, but this isn’t whitetail country and I don’t know how to find some of these animals I want to shoot.  So, as my complainer complained, it will probably be more rocks and sand to shoot.


But you have to admit, there are some rather beautiful rocks and sand here.


Especially this particular rock formation.  Don’t know its name but I’m sure it has one.  My second hike would have me hiking toward it, past it and beyond.


Besides, who says the desert doesn’t have any wildlife?  There’s plenty!


Why it’s know as the Needles, because these rock formations look like needles.  Slickrock was a beautiful hike, but I did not see any bighorn sheep.  There was one rock formation down in one of the canyons that fooled me at-first-sight, but when I photographed it and realized it wasn’t moving, I knew I had just taken a photo of a rock.  Oh well, better luck next time.


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