Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

Not knowing where I am or what an area has to offer leads me to asking the locals.  While in Idaho, one person told me about a waterfall just twenty-five miles away.  So, one morning, I set out to find a waterfall.  Ultimately, I couldn’t find it, or did find it but couldn’t see it.  I decided to drive back to my camper but had remembered a sign I had seen along the way.  Probably the reason why I couldn’t find the waterfall.  It said, Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, with an arrow pointing west and stating 6 miles.

IMG_2181a (1280x853)

Kootenai is a wetland that began with an original land donation and has since grown.  It’s purpose is to provide a refuge for migratory birds and local mammals.  I saw many birds, from robins to geese to herons to hawks inside the refuge.  The deer really caught my eye though, in particular, whitetail deer.

IMG_2085a (1280x894)

I began taking photos of the many deer within the refuge and then noticed something else.  At first I thought it was another deer.  Then I realized it was a moose.

IMG_2195a (1280x954)

She stayed in the shadows all the while I tried to photograph her and this is the best photo I got.  When I left Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, I already knew I would be returning to try to get better photos of moose.

IMG_2115a (853x1280)

And Kootenai has a waterfall!

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