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Munich 1938 vs. Paris 2014 “Peace in our Time

1938 Munich: It was Mussolini’s idea that they should meet and so Hitler, Chamberlain, Daladier, and Mussolini met in Munich and determined the fate of the Czechoslovakian region Sudetenland.  No one from Czechoslovakia was present at the meeting.  The claim by Hitler was that ethnic Germans in the region were under threat from the Czech people and that Germany needed to annex the region in order to protect them.  No one seemed to notice that the most important part of Czechoslovakia’s defense network against Germany was in the Sudetenland.  The Munich conference ended with Germany being allowed to annex the Sudetenland and Hitler concluding that the West was weak.  Poland was next and millions of people died in the war (WWII) that followed.

Today: Paris, France: Russia and the United States met to determine the fate of Crimea.  A region Putin claims is filled with ethnic Russians who are under threat from the new government in Kiev, Ukraine.  While these two nations grapple with what needs to be done, it seems strange to me that no one from Ukraine was present at this meeting.

Before another shameful chapter in world history is written, the conference in Paris, France needs to immediately cease until the Ukrainians are included in discussions about the future of their country.


Facebook Post

A friend asked me my “thoughts about present day Eastern Europe?”

Below is my answer in regards to recent events in Ukraine. 


It’s an extension of Putin’s policy of retaking lost Soviet territory as he did with Georgia 2008 when he helped break a pair of small states away from Georgia. The West’s reaction was the same as Chamberlain’s reaction to Hitler and it was "Peace in our Time." Now here we are a few years later and Putin has marched his army into "the Rhineland" I mean Crimea. We are living in a new era of appeasement and the EU refuses to accept that their lack of aggressive action against the Russians is growing more and more dangerous, and Putin is growing more and more aggressive. We need to return to Cold War policies and accept that the Russians just refuse to accept any other nation’s right to exist. Unfortunately for the US it means we will, as during Cold War I, assume leadership in the counter-force required to make the Russians understand that the economic impact on Russia is far worse than the gain of conquered territory. I know America is tired of war, but it’s time to accept that our old adversary (the Soviet Union) has been resting and recuperating and now feels it is in a powerful enough position to retake the former Soviet Republics and to do so they are playing the oldest game in international politics–a game taught to the world by the Roman Empire–divide and conquer.


Wordless Wednesday

I feel so much like a politician today.  One week after promising wordless posts on Wednesday and I’m already breaking that promise.  Oh well…I’ll just say it was the other guys who made that promise in order to convince my constituency (that would be you my faithful few blog readers) to follow someone else’s blog.

Today will be just a follow-up post on last night’s election.  I’ll just hit the highlights.

It was the highest recorded turnout for a primary election in sixty years.  Not since 1952 had so many people turned out for a primary election.  Still at only 30 to 35% that really isn’t anything to brag about.

The right-honorable Governor Walker will represent the Republicans.

The right-honorable mayor of Milwaukee Tom Barrett will represent the Democrats.

This is a rematch of the 2010 election when Walker defeated Barrett in a very close election.  Oddly enough polling data has the two in a dead heat now.  The next election will be one month from now in June.

Let the lying begin.  Well, actually, it never ends.


Making History

Today marks a day in Wisconsin History like no other day in the state’s history.  We had an election today, unlike any other election we’ve ever had.  For the first time in the history of Wisconsin we had a recall election for governor.  Wisconsin is not a rich nor powerful state, but for over a year now we have been ground zero in a national debate between worker’s rights and government control over those rights.

The central figure in this debate is Governor Scott Walker who is currently the national darling of the union busting conservative right.  He is called upon to speak at political rallies across the country where he is greeted with enthusiastic pride and devotion, but here in Wisconsin he is greeted less enthusiastically.

Governor Walker touched off this debate when he rammed legislation through the state legislature to eliminate the collective bargaining rights of state workers.  The votes for and against this legislation split along party lines with republicans supporting it and democrats against.

This touched off a series of protests by unionists and their supporters that numbered in the tens of thousands and created the usual national media circus along with.  Wisconsin hasn’t seen protests like those since the anti-Vietnam War protests of the late sixties and early seventies.

This led to a recall movement against Governor Walker and many members of the state legislature, both republican and democrat.  In a recall election a petition is sent around asking people to sign in support of the recall.  If enough signatures are gathered then the recall election is scheduled.  In this case more than a million signatures were gathered asking for a recall of Governor Walker.

Today was the primary election, which is just the first step in an American election.  In the primary election we vote for the two candidates we want to appear on the ballot, which will feature one republican and one democrat.  A month from now, in June, we will then decide on which of those two we want to be our governor.

So today marked a first in Wisconsin History with the first ever recall of a Wisconsin governor and I participated.


Young Bull Elk

Every now and then someone will link to my blog to settle an argument or to prove a point.  WordPress dutifully alerts me to the link and then I get to read all about it.  Americans love to fuss and fight  — I don’t claim to understand it or know how to stop it and don’t really care if it ever does stop, but sometimes the argument just becomes too tempting not to listen to.  You know, like when your out to dinner quietly having a meal and you begin to realize the couple a few tables over have begun to argue.  They begin quietly and try to pretend they’re civil beings and sometimes the argument will escalate into something so appalling and funny – because it isn’t you stuck in a completely irrational argument – that you’re drawn in to discover what the fuss is about.  Here’s a link to a conversation on a message board that led back to my blog.  tm.asp-m=5663702&appid&p=1&mpage=1&key&language&tmode=1&smode=1&s  Glad I could assist.  Below is a picture of a young bull elk, which has absolutely nothing to do with the above link or this story for that matter.



The Protest continues

In case you’re completely out of touch, Wisconsin Unionists continue to protest Governor Walker’s so-called Budget Repair Bill.  Essentially, Walker claims he can’t balance the budget unless pubic unions give up their collective bargaining rights.  Walker claims this is because the state is facing a budget shortfall of roughly 130 million.  A budget shortfall that did not exist until Walker and the Republicans gave 190 million in corporate tax breaks during his first days in office.

The lie simply put is that this is a budget crisis.  It is not.  This is simply a moustache-twirling conspiracy to destroy unions by Governor Walker, the Republican Party and vested billionaire interests, such as the Koch brothers — California oil billionaires. 

What do the Koch bothers have to gain here in Wisconsin? 

Inside the bill is legislation that makes it possible for the governor to sell Wisconsin’s Public Utilities.  After all energy issues and who controls and profits from that energy are important these days.  The governor would be able to sell the Public Utilities at an undisclosed time, for an undisclosed price without making the sale public.

Calling this a budget crisis is a lie.  This bill is an attempt to destroy unions, steal the Public Utilities and line the pockets of filthy rich billionaires, all to the detriment of Wisconsin’s working and middle classes.

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