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The ice is gone from the Wisconsin River in this part of the state.  The ice and snow are mostly gone from the trails and lakes also, and my yard no longer has any snow in it.  On Friday, I went to one of the eagle’s nests to see if the eagles had returned.  I did not see any eagles, but this robin jumped on a barbed wire fence to keep an eye on me.


This is what the trails looked like at Lake Kegonsa State Park on Thursday.  The snow should be gone by next weekend.


Sunrise: This Morning





Temperatures dropped to –19 F or –28 C this morning.  Currently the temperature is –13 F or –25 C.


Field Sparrow

While on my failed quest for fawns yesterday, I encountered many types of birds including this Field Sparrow.


He stayed on that branch, which is about waste high, while I snapped photos of him.  Turns out he wasn’t just being friendly and posing for me, but, when a Field Sparrow is scared they will fly up into a bush to watch what happens and then decide what to do next.

It’s 4:00 AM here and raining quite hard outside right now.  Glad I’m not huddled inside a tent listening to the rain pelting the top, while thinking that there is only a thin layer of nylon between me and the lightning.

Web traffic on my blog was very slow yesterday, but something significant happened with those numbers.  For the first time since WordPress has been tracking what countries my visitors come from, foreign visitors outnumbered American visitors.  American visits usually outnumber foreign visits by 2 to 1.  I would conclude this is a side-effect of the first major American Summer holiday being this weekend.


Dodging Thunderstorms

I had in mind an attempt to shoot something a little different this weekend, unfortunately the weather is behaving like Spring weather.  Thursdays, being my first day off from work, I usually stay close to where I live, going to Lake Kegonsa which is about five miles from me, or down to the lake here in town.  These locations usually yield some nice deer or bird photos, but someone has placed a thought in my mind and now I want to try and get photos of something I rarely get to see and some of you, quite possibly, never get to see.

The biggest concern is the weather.  Thursday, after waking, I looked outside and noted the bright sunshine and thought, Maybe today will be a good day for photos.  By the time I finished breakfast, the skies had clouded over, and before I could put the breakfast dishes away, it had started to rain.  I concluded there would be no photography today.  However, by early evening, when I had supper in the oven, the sunshine broke through with what would have been really great light.

So now I’m sitting here at one thirty in the morning, the batteries of my camera are charging, the memory card is clear and I’m wondering what kind of weather I will have to deal with on the drive over to where I’m going and will the critters cooperate and allow me to photograph them?  Or will it be a wasted trip?  I’m sure I’ll find something to shoot, but still it would be really nice if the animals would just cooperate and be where I want them to be when I’m there.

Anyway, here’s a nice photo of what I don’t intend on shooting today.  Have a great day and remember, if writers write, then photographers photograph.



Tis the Season



Signs of Spring

Sitting on my porch, listening to the birds sing, taking in the fresh warm air and waiting.  Waiting?  For what?  Waiting to see what I heard.  I haven’t seen one yet.  At least not one close enough to get a good picture, but I heard one.  Heard what?  A Robin, of course.  Growing up as a kid, the old folks, grandparents and that older generation who had survived many winters in Wisconsin, would always say the surest sign of spring was seeing a robin.  Well, I heard one today, but I still haven’t seen one.



It’s Raining!

With spring-like conditions taking over, what would have been snow has now turned to rain.  Rainy and foggy conditions should prevail for the next week or so, which will make it difficult to go out and get pictures.  Not that I’m complaining, weather in Wisconsin is part of the totality of living here.  Also, at this point during winter, it was nice driving home in the rain this morning because I wasn’t having to plow my way through a half a foot of snow.

The Whitetails will be glad to see the snow gone.  I wonder if they understand that it means their will soon be lots of food.  The day before I took these photos, I saw a deer standing on its hind legs gnawing on the lowest limb of a pine tree.  When they resort to eating pine needles, they are very hungry.  Anyway, by the time I locked focus on the deer, it had spotted me and run off.


Father and son.


Mother and son. 

These will probably be some of the last snow pictures for the year, especially with rain predicted for the next few days.  I doubt I’ll take my camera out.  It ain’t waterproof and unlike the pros, it’s the only one I got.

April 2020

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