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Earth Day

How did you spend Earth Day?  I went hiking.  Seemed like the thing to do on a nice bright sunny day.  I took several dozen pictures, including the Chipmunk below.

IMG_4146a I could hear him rustling around in the dry leaves.  When he emerged, instead of screeching and running away, he seemed to pose.  I nearly missed the photo because my camera wouldn’t cooperate yesterday.  Here’s an important thing to remember when taking photos.  I have several lenses that I use.  Make sure to completely secure them when attaching them to the camera body, otherwise the camera will have trouble auto-focusing.

IMG_4268a I spent most of the hike struggling with my camera, eventually thinking it had somehow broken.  How did it get broken?  It sat in the backpack while I worked this week.  Then the autofocus stopped working completely.  How much was that 7d?  Can I justify seventeen hundred bucks for a hobby?  Then I noticed the lens seemed loose.  Are you kidding me?  How did this get broken?  I jiggled it.  Turned it.  Click, it snapped into place and worked fine.


With my camera issues resolved and the light fading, I decided to try and find the deer.  I had spent too much time trying to find an owl.  While hiking, I could hear it hooting, but I couldn’t see it.  I’ve found several possible nest sites, but have yet to see an owl.  Not surprising since they’re nocturnal. 

I, also, hadn’t seen a deer during my entire hike.  I thought, maybe it was because the foliage has gotten so thick that I walked passed them without noticing.  Turned out they had all gathered in one spot.  Something I haven’t seen them do since January. 

It is difficult to get an accurate count of them when taking photos, but there were somewhere between fifteen to twenty deer gathered together.  I had thought they would panic and run off, but they didn’t.


The light was fading fast at this point and I ended up choosing the wrong strategy for approaching them.  They divided into small groups and headed off in separate directions.  The above photo is about the best shot I got.


I chose to approach from this side and just pushed them into the field behind.  When they hit the field, several of them flagged and lit out for the other side of the park.  Something I’ve noticed before.  The larger the group of deer, the more likely they will panic and run.

And so ended my Earth Day.

May 2020

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