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Mule Deer: Buck

IMG_3720a (1280x853)


Good morning…

Last look from Idaho…

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Mule Deer: Male on a Mountainside

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Kootenai Again

I went back to Kootenai the next day.  I got several nice deer photos, but did not see any moose.  So I decided to return to Kootenai the following evening and was, again, greeted by many deer.

IMG_2075a (1280x934)

Including several fawns.

IMG_2572a (1280x909)

And some good sized bucks.

IMG_2587a (1280x846)

This one tried to convince me he could fly.

IMG_2614a (1280x862)

But I wasn’t distracted from my goal, which was to find moose.

IMG_2142a (1280x853)

Even though the deer seemed everywhere,

IMG_2290a (1280x739)

I saw the moose again and this time I saw a female and a male.

IMG_2774a (1280x853)

IMG_2788a (1280x853)


Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge

Not knowing where I am or what an area has to offer leads me to asking the locals.  While in Idaho, one person told me about a waterfall just twenty-five miles away.  So, one morning, I set out to find a waterfall.  Ultimately, I couldn’t find it, or did find it but couldn’t see it.  I decided to drive back to my camper but had remembered a sign I had seen along the way.  Probably the reason why I couldn’t find the waterfall.  It said, Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, with an arrow pointing west and stating 6 miles.

IMG_2181a (1280x853)

Kootenai is a wetland that began with an original land donation and has since grown.  It’s purpose is to provide a refuge for migratory birds and local mammals.  I saw many birds, from robins to geese to herons to hawks inside the refuge.  The deer really caught my eye though, in particular, whitetail deer.

IMG_2085a (1280x894)

I began taking photos of the many deer within the refuge and then noticed something else.  At first I thought it was another deer.  Then I realized it was a moose.

IMG_2195a (1280x954)

She stayed in the shadows all the while I tried to photograph her and this is the best photo I got.  When I left Kootenai National Wildlife Refuge, I already knew I would be returning to try to get better photos of moose.

IMG_2115a (853x1280)

And Kootenai has a waterfall!


Blacktail Deer vs Mule Deer

So, on Sunday June 22nd, I was having a conversation with my neighbor.  My neighbor is an interesting concept these days because of my extended camping trip.  My neighbor changes often, sometimes every day.  This particular fellow was extolling the virtues of Buddhism and the not-so-virtuous subject of California politics.  During the conversation he corrected me on something.  A misconception of my own, when he stated simply, “We have blacktail deer.”

From the forty-five minute conversation we had on Buddhism, politics and life, the one thing I took away from it is; California has blacktail or black-tailed deer.  Really?  I didn’t know such an animal existed.  So I looked it up on the internet.  Wikipedea, indeed, informed me that blacktail deer do exist.

Curious, I conducted a further investigation to see if there was a difference between a blacktail deer and a mule deer.  Unfortunately, the picture of the blacktail deer on Wikipedea is from the front and does not show the black tail of a blacktail deer.  Really people?  If your going to include a picture of a blacktail deer in an article explaining what a blacktail deer is, don’t you think it’s appropriate to include a picture of the tail?

IMG_9389a (1280x853)

While I consider myself an expert on whitetail deer, I’m not a hundred percent certain here, but I believe the above picture shows a blacktail deer’s tail.

IMG_5618 (1280x853)

While this second picture, taken in Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, shows a mule deer’s tail.  The blacktail deer’s tail is similar in shape to a whitetail, while the mule deer has a white stem with a black tassel on the end.  Okay westerners, correct me if I’ve got it wrong.


Female Mule Deer in Nice Light

Good morning.


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